#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

Here are my #coronavirus protocols, curated by experts. I’m trying to following them. Hope they help u as well. ❤️ #staysafe #dontpanic


Veggies & Fruit

buy only 5 days supply. 

3 varieties of each. 

quantity depends on the 

number of people eating.

Pooja materials

Sambrani & sage are burnt at 

home every alternate day. Camphor

Alum & rock salt are placed in corners

of the house. We completely 

beleive in energy cleansing. 


Handwash, bodywash, floor cleaners,

kitchen wipes and any product

with an alcohol level > 60% 

to clean surfaces & hands. 

Make sure you have enough

supply of drinking water. 

Water Required 

Ur weight * .033 = lts required. 

Pet supplies

Food Delivery Protocol:

• Remove food from plastic covers at entrance

• Bring food into the house wearing gloves on a tray

• Transfer food to house dishes & immediately microwave/heat. Dispose containers & gloves. Disinfectant the tray. 

• Try to order only cooked food

• Consume outside food only when hot.

House Protocol:

• Clean newspapers or avoid for the time being. Or else sanitize hands & surface after reading & dispose quickly. 

• Leave shoes outside. Disinfect purses/ bags. 

• Try to wash hands with soap before entering the house or immediately after pentering. (If possible put a basin or keep sanitizers outside the house)

• Wash used clothes every day in warm water with detergent. 

• Clean all the Surfaces, door handles, knobs, taps etc with disinfectant at least twice a day

• Irrespective of Family/friends/staff please check for symptoms of cough, cold & fever before they enter your house. People with fever, head ache, cough or cold should not enter the house.

Supermarket Protocol:

• Do not buy more than what’s needed for 5 days. Use only basket not a Cart.

• Do not touch your face in the supermarket, keep distance from people. 

• Sanitise your hands before getting into the car / bike 

• Clean all super market bought products with a disinfectant before bringing it into the house

• Don’t store plastic covers at home. Dispose at entrance.

Relationship Advice:

• Don’t raise topics that are sensitive

• Give people space to do their own things

• Set a time for indoor activities with family

• Burn your ego & rebuild broken bridges over the phone with people that matter. 

• Send out positive energy to heal people 

• Block negative comments & negative people around you

• If have symptoms of cold, cough or fever, Do not visit old relatives or parents above the age of 60

• Share house hold chores amongst family members equally

Travel Protocol:

• Avoid unnecessary travels.

• Avoid using public transport.

• While using public transport ensure to wearing a mask & hand gloves.

• Always keep a pocket hand sanitizer with you.

• Sanitize the seat and arm rest before sitting/touching them.

• Avoid touching your face frequently.

• Wash your hands with soap properly or use sanitiser once you reach your destination.

. Do not reuse masks or gloves. Dispose in a safe way.

Office Protocols:

• Fumigate offices once a week and clean surfaces everyday.

• Before entering the office sanitise your hands and check temperature 

• Do not allow anyone with cold, cough or fever into the office.

• Wipe your Chair, Phone, Desktop/Laptop with sanitizer twice daily.

• Cooked Food to be brought from home. 

• Maintain social distancing, sit at least 3ft from anyone at work area and even during lunchtime.  

• Avoid client visits/Market visits and Business development visits 

• Visitors not to be allowed inside office - all parcels/documents/invoices to be dropped off outside

• All Parcels, Postal courier to opened outside with gloves by security or reception desk. Based on company protocols they should be scanned and sent to concerned departments.

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates

#JanataCurfew Latest Updates