Current Situation in Italy!

Current situation in Italy

Dear "Family", I'm writing You from Bergamo (Italy). My Town Is brought to his knees by Covid 19 . 

I'm sharing this dreadful picture so that you can understand the situation, because I don't  know if the news media in the world has captured the severity of what is happening here. 

Last night a long line of Army Trucks carried coffins of those who died to other cities crematoriums because the town cemetry is full.

There is no more places in Hospitals and doctors have to decide who lives and who don't.

People dies alone because their family, to avoid the contagion, is not allowed to see their beloved one anymore. 

The Country Is locked down and the only noise you can hear are the unceasing ambulance sirens. 

The only way to stop this awful virus Is to limit contagion, so please don't understimate the situation and stay at home.


Source - Simona

Current Situation in Italy!

Current Situation in Italy!