Meet India's First Female Flight Commander!

Meet India's First Female Flight Commander!

Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander Shaliza Dhami became the first female flight commander of a flying unit of the country. She is now the Flight Commander of a Chetak Helicopter at Hindon airbase.

In March this year, The Supreme Court declared Women Officials have the legal right for permanent commission. In that way, Shaliza Dhami becomes a Permanent Commission Officer. She is the only next to the Commanding Officer which is the highest level.

Shaliza Dhami is IAF's first female Qualified Flying Instructor for Chetak and Cheetah Helicopters. She is also the second-in-command for a Chetak Helicopter Unit at Hindson Airbase. 

Actress Shraddha Kapoor welcomed the move of Indian Air Force to grant such a high-level position for a Female. She wrote, 'Woohoooo Shaliza Dhami!'.