This Chinese Monkey King predicts Trump's victory!

Chinese 'Monkey King' Predicts Trump As Next US President, Kisses Him On The Lips!

This Chinese Monkey King predicts Trump's victory!

US presidential polls are increasing tensions among people across the world as the next president and their policies will affect the global functioning. As the election date is fast approaching and early voting started, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton intensified last minute campaigning increasing attacks on each other.

Hillary Clinton camp is leaving no stone unturned as Trump camp is over the moon with him surging ahead closing the wide lead. Now in the midst of all this while democrats believe that Hillary Clinton will win easily, republicans believe that Trump will spring surprise.

Various polls are coming with conflicting reports and under these circumstances, Monkey predicted Trump's victory. China's Monkey King predicted that Donald Trump will win the US presidential election.

Cheeky, the Monkey King is popular for predicting Euro 2016 champs Portugal and now it picked Donald Trump to win the race to White House. The Monkey King is also known as Greda and it sealed Trump's victory with a kiss on his inevitable victory.

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