Ten Underrated Places to Have a Date At

  • It is always easy to plan a special first date, but it is extremely hard to figure out something interesting when you have been dating for a handful time.

  • The longer you are in a relationship, the harder it gets to spice up dating. Even if you are absolutely okay with your everyday routine, and it doesn't mean that each and every date of yours must be of an extra level extravaganza, you need something outstanding from time to time.

  • And you find yourself figuring out what to do for the next special date, as taking a ride on hot air balloon is been there done that. But before we go into discovering the underrated places to have a date at, we need to figure out why spicing up a relationship is so crucial nowadays.


Ten Underrated Places to Have a Date At

Why Spicing Up Your Relationship is Crucial?

  •  With all those international dating sites around the web, we are more concerned with learning the tricks of Russian flirting, which can be useful if you are into dating girls from the former Soviet republic.

  • But the point is that nowadays we know much more about how to impress your online date-mate, rather than what to do when it comes to offline dating. Of course, you can complain that things are already too complicated. You need to figure out how to lure her online, and then you need to make up something so that she's not going to get bored with you? Well, that's the wrong attitude to dating.

  • If you think that you owe each other something, you are taking a slippery path. It is not that your date-mate wants those special dates, and you are obliged to do that. It is not that one partner is bored, and another must entertain them.

Your relationship requires to be shaken up and freshen up from time to time. And, let's be honest, an atypical date is a way less traumatic way to shake up your romance then having a fight which may end up with you sitting at a shrink’s office. And you don't really care for all the headaches that you suffer while going through the painstaking process of figuring out where your next date should take place if you really love your partner. Yes, you can definitely suffer from a lack of imagination, but online articles are always here to help you.


Ten Underrated Places to Have a Date At

Underrated Places for Your Atypical Date


             What is the first mistake you make when you are planning an atypical date? You think that it must be something special, something that requires a lot of money, and something that you've never thought about before. Well, we have good news for you, as atypical is not synonymous to "from outer space." You may think about hiring a cruise ship for your atypical date, but you don't need to go that far or spend that much. There are places where you date can take place that you never thought of before because, at first glance, they don't seem to go hand in hand with dating. Well, let's bust the traditions and find out the top ten underrated places where your atypical date can take place without any further ado.


1. Supermarket

         Well, that's definitely not a place that pops up in your head immediately when you think about a date. But you should definitely try it. The rules of supermarket dating are easy, as they are designed for couples who are together for quite a while. You know each other quite well, right? Well, give each other fifteen minutes to run around the supermarket and buy what your partner likes. It is that simple, but it's little romantic things that keep your relationship going. Mind that you shouldn't turn this date into the how-well-you-know-each-other test, as it may lead to a complete disaster. So, people who are in an abusive relationship (why on earth you are in it, ha?) are strongly advised against using supermarkets as an underrated place for dating. Most likely the problems will start at the sole proposition of trying out a date like that.


2. In The Park

         Here, we are getting a bit closer to the traditional dating ideas, as we are offering you a picnic in the woods. But not that traditional one in the daytime. Try a night picnic in the woods, with stargazing and all that. What can be better than eating a home-prepared meal under the starry sky, with a bottle of good wine? And the fact that enjoying your picnic at night may be a bit spooky will only aid in spicing up things a bit.


3. Breakfast Date

         When we talk about dates, generally we think about dinners. Yes, evenings are generally considered to be way more romantic than mornings, but why not? Breakfast date can be as awesome and as romantic as your typical dinner date. Think of it, dates generally take place at the end of the day. You spend all day yearning and longing, till finally, in the evening, you have this perfect romantic date. Why not having it vice versa? You are having a perfect romantic date in the morning, and then continue your day with the perfect romantic mood.


4. Dinner Date after the Breakfast Date

         If you think that breakfast date is not romantic enough, why not to have a dinner date after the breakfast date? It will definitely add to this yearning and longing that we've mentioned before. But mind to pick a different cafe or restaurant for those dates.


5. Bar Crawl

         A date in a bar, why not? But seems too easy, right? Then how about a date in the bars? Yes, some of us start thinking that it's not okay to bar crawl when you are in a relationship, but we are talking about atypical dates and underrated places to have a date at, aren't we? So, taking your partner for the all-night bar crawl is not such a bad idea if an atypical date is something that you are looking for.


Ten Underrated Places to Have a Date At

6. Movie Matinee

         You may say that movie theatre is not an option, as it is not an underrated place for a date. From drive-in theatres in your high-school to going to the cinema on the first date if you are not sure that you are going to have something to talk about. But, once again, it requires an evening. Why wait till evening? You can pick some romantic movie or any other genre which appeals to you and go during the day.


7. Zoo

         Well, a zoo is not the first place you think about when you are planning the date, but why not to go to the zoo? You will watch the animals, exchange your ideas about wild animals in captivity, and eat some ice-cream...who cares? The main point is that you are together.


8. Local Food Depository

         Why not volunteering together? Good deeds bring you together. You may have your romantic dinner all you want after, but first, collect some canned goods and take them to your local food depository.


9. Boat

         Remember we mentioned the cruise ship? What's the main problem with those cruise ships? They are crowded with people. Dates are more about two of you. So, instead of spending a lot of money on the cruise ship, there is a cheaper alternative – you can go down the river on a boat. While paddling down the river, you get the perfect atmosphere to be alone with each other. Get your two-against-the-world-feeling back. You know, that one you had at the beginning of your relationship.


10. Fortune Teller

        Well, that's an option if you want to have some fun. If you don't believe in the occult, take turns in going to the same fortune teller and then laugh at what their predictions for you are.

        Well, now you have ten ideas for your atypical date. Not that you should strictly follow the above-mentioned rules, but we hope that we gave you some useful tips. At least now you know that making an interesting date doesn't take that much.

Ten Underrated Places to Have a Date At