41 Most Mysterious and Interesting Places on Earth

  • Our Planet is home to so many bizarre, interesting and most mysterious places, which are hard to believe, here is a collection of 41 such places for you. 
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10. Ship Rock, New Mexico,USA

41 Most Mysterious and Interesting Places on Earth



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Komik Spiti- A Tiny and Beautiful Village In The Himalayas

41 Most Mysterious and Interesting Places on Earth

Komik Spiti- A Tiny and Beautiful Village of Himachal Pradesh.

Komik Village is the highest village in Asia and is located at a height of 18,000 feet above sea level. The beauty of this place cannot be described in words; it can only be felt and experienced with naked eyes. 

The picturesque Lahaul and Spiti Valley embrace several treasures in its vicinity and Komik is one such place, which is set beautifully amid the stunning mountains in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India. 

Surrounded by snowbound mountains and majestic valleys, Komik Village attracts countless tourists who simply want to get drenched in its breathtaking beauty and charming festivity. All you need to do is come and explore the delightful vistas of this scenic valley.

Komik Village is famous for Lundup Tsemo Gompa Buddhist Monastery. It is believed that the monastery has 'Matrey Buddha,' or 'the future Buddha,' who looks after the well being of the people of Komik Village. It is also famous for being the highest motorable Buddhist monastery in the world, visited by bikers and travel enthusiast from all over the world. The 14th-century monastery has a fortified castle made of slanted mud walls, representing the murals, scriptures, and arts belonging to the bygone era.

It is said that even before the monastery was being made, it was already told in Tibet that a monastery in the shape of the eye of snow cock would be built in a mountainous region in Spiti. Thus, the place was called Komik or Koumik, where 'Ko' stands for snow cock and 'Mik' means eye.