40+ Rare photos of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
Quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Why was Gandhi called Mahatma?

According to some authors Rabindranath Tagore is said to have used on March 6, 1915, this title for Gandhi. Some claim that he was called Mahatma by the residents of Gurukul Kangadi in April 1915, and he in turn called the founder Munshiram a Mahatma (who later became Swami Shraddhananda).

What was Quit India movement?

The Quit India Movement, or the India August Movement, was a movement launched at the Bombay session of the All-India Congress Committee by Mahatma Gandhi on 8 August 1942, during World War II, demanding an end to British Rule, in turn,.

40+ Rare photos of Mahatma Gandhi

Kasturbai "Kasturba" Mohandas Gandhi was an Indian political activist and the wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. In association with her husband, she was involved in the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India.

Rare and unseen phoyos of Mahatma Gandhi

40+ Rare photos of Mahatma Gandhi